ZanFIT Tanzania



Ally is the CEO and head trainer of ZanFIT. He grew up competing in several sports (hurdles, running, basketball, football and more) before he started Boxing and Muay Thai. He has trained for many years under Khamis Muay Thai, Mlandege Kickboxing club, and has also done capoeira for many years under Meistra Juruna for Capoeira Brasil. 


Ally has gone several Muay Thai Fights in different countries and is a spectator for Capoeira Brasil. After a couple of years being back in Zanzibar, he finally followed his passion and founded ZanFIT. 


Suluh, among friends called Star Suluh, is one of our head trainers and has become a ZanFIT veteran over the years, following the company from the start. Suluh is multi-talented, with a varied background from Gymnastics, Break Dancing, African Dance, Muay Thai and Capoeira. He has been doing Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai since he were around 7 years old, and started with capoeira in 2010. He is currently waiting to debut with his first amateur fight in Muay Thai!


Always with a smile and lots of energy, he is a popular trainer among our clients. It`s impossible to not smile when Suluh is around!


Mohammed, also nicknamed Pandago, is one of our head trainers. He has been fighting most of his life, starting with Kickboxing at Mlandege Kickboxing club in 2004. 

With a record of 9 official fights in Tanzania, Kenya and France (3 of them won with KO), and more amateur fights than he can remember, ha has rich experience in both Kick Boxing and Muay Thai and he is the former holder of the title East African Champion for Kick Boxing. 


He is known for his hard training styles, pushing our customers to their fullest potential!

Never tell Mohammed that you`re tired! He will just take it as a complement and push you even harder. 


Boxing has always been a part of Juma`s life. Growing up he started training in the streets of Bagamoyo, before he moved to South Africa where he started training for amateur fighting for The Ring Boxing Club. 

He now have four professional matches in Tanzania and South Africa and has previously been working as an assistance coach in Midizini Boxing Club in Dar Es Salaam. 

Juma is ambitious and eager to challenge his clients in creative ways. He has a diverse training style and you will find that he challenge your mind and creativity in addition to physique. 


Dr. Shaukat Basinda has a Bachelor of Medicina and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) attained at Fujian Medical University in Fuzu, China. Here he also learned to speak fluent Chinese. 

Dr. Basinda will do nutrition, general consultations, health checks and follow-ups for our clients. And if for other medical related issues or questions, Dr. Basinda will be able to direct you. 


With a background from Breakdancing, Hip-Hop, tricking, freestyle, general fitness, Muay Thai and Capoeira, Khamis has a lot to offer. He is very athletic and you`ll find him do the head-spin or the human flag among other tricks on a good day.


He is known as T25 among our trainers and friends, due to his extremely demanding 25 min training HIIT sessions. He is a b-boy and you will soon be able to join his breakdance classes. 


Khamis is always welcoming you with a big smile and is ready to push you to your limit in class.

Dar Es Salaam


Khamis is the head trainer for Dar Es Salaam and one of the co-founders for ZanFIT.


He is the holder of the East African Champion title for Muay Thai and has trained most of our team for the last five years. Khamis is balanced, humble and kind, but when you get him in the ring you will find him to be one of the quickest, most talented fighters you will have the pleasure to experience! 


Kasopa has a background in Boxing and Muay Thai, still fighting actively. Kasopa is quick both inside and outside the ring, and speaks as fast as he can punch!

He keeps pushing you and entertains you with his bubbly personality. Its hard to be in a bad mood when Kasopa is around.  


Adrias Charles is one of our main trainers in Dar. He has a passion for competing in the ring, holding 13 fights in Boxing and Muay Thai. 

Adrias is friendly and a good trainer to every level. He will keep you busy with challenging combinations, always with a smile on his face. 


Muhammed, fighter name "Alkaeda", started his boxing career in 2014. He currently have 11 professional matches and is still counting, fighting actively. 

He also have a background from Muay Thai and Kickboxing and he will challenge you with mixed and creative combinations, cardio and strength training.